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PRODUCTS/Marine Technology1

We offer a variety of devices and systems which help navigate ships safely and efficiently.

<For further product information or quotations, contact:>
(MARINE TECHNOLOGY GROUP) Phone: 078-351-2204/5 Fax: 078-351-6354

Ballast Control System

Hydraulic operated valve, pneumatic operated valve and electric operated valve control system

<Reliable and labor-saving system for ballast optimization>
The system enables central control or automatic control of ballast valves and related valves through the console according to measurement data from various meters.

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Manual Hydraulic Remote Controller


An innovative device which replaces the conventional reach rod type.
20,000 units were sold since its introduction into the market.

The device eliminates troublesome rigging and adjustment work and solves the problem related to steering wheel weight or fluctuation.It reduces maintenance cost and enjoys high reputation among ship owners and shipbuilders.

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1.Marine Products


Yanmar propulsion engines and auxiliaries

We distribute the propulsion engines and dynamo engines manufactured by Yanmar and various components


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ITV Oil Leak/ Smoke Detection System

An innovative fire prevention system which uses video sensors.
If any one of several monitor cameras installed in the engine room detects an abnormality, it is shown on a TV monitor and a warning is given.This system detects oil leaks or smoke which conventional systems might fail to detect.

Engine room monitor camera Monitor

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air Dehumidifierj

Air dehumidifier
(membrane air dryer)

This dehumidifier is a CFC-free product which features low cost, high performance and environmental friendliness.It has been introduced in many ships, enjoying high reputation.

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Other Products

MAROL remote control units; whistles; liquid-level meters; drinking water sterilizers; air compressors; pumps; oil-water separators; exhaust valve rods

(Main suppliers)
Marol Ltd.; Ibuki Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Musasino Co., Ltd.; Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd.; Nippon Control fs Co., Ltd.; Yanmar Co., Ltd.; Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.; Sanwa Iron Works Co., Ltd.; Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Heishin Ltd.; Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.; Heishin Pump Works Co., Ltd.; Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

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2.Devices and Components for Ships

Engines; air compressors; pumps, inert gas systems; tank cleaners; air dehumidifiers; Marol hydraulic components, etc.

(Main suppliers)
Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd.; Akasaka Diesels Ltd.; Niigata Power Systems Ltd.;
Hanshin Diesel Works Ltd.; Kobe Diesel Co, Ltd.; Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.; Matsubara Iron Works Ltd.; Sanwa Iron Works Co., Ltd.; Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.;
Shinko Co., Ltd.; Heishin Pump Works Co., Ltd.; Heishin Ltd.; Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.; Ishii Machinery Works Co., Ltd.; Suction Gas Engine Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Kosaka Laboratory Ltd.; Misuzu Industrial Corp.; Alpha Laval Japan; MAROL Ltd.

<For further product information or quotations, contact:>
(MARINE-TECH GROUP) Phone: 078-351-2204/5 Fax: 078-351-6354

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