Materials for car carrier, materials for container ships, materials for bulk carrier, safety equipment for tankers, etc. We handle everything up to. We also provide ship technology consultants, so please feel free to contact us.

Main products

  • Materials for car carrier

    Materials for container ships

    Materials for bulk carrier

    Damage prevention tools such as automobile lashing belts and traffic signs, wood and rubber for loading heavy loads, container lashing metal fittings, hold cleaning chemicals and spraying equipment, paints and coaters, cleaning tools, tools, anti-piracy products , We handle wood lashing wires, etc.

  • Handling of safety equipment, etc.

    We handle safety shoes, gloves, safety and health protective equipment that enhance safety and comfort not only for ships but also in all work environments on land, as well as fall prevention equipment that matches the work environment.

  • Sales of fuel oil additives for ships

    Various additives for ships and ships (sludge dispersant, combustion improver, lubricity improver, anti-waxing agent, etc.) for conventional fuel oil (HSHFO), compatible fuel oil (VLSFO), distillate oil (MDO, MGO) We handle it.


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