Main Products

Original equipment

  • Hydraulic operated valve, pneumatic operated valve and electric operated valve control system

    The valve remote control system enables central control or automatic control of ballast valves and related valves through the control console according to measurement data from various meters. Operating and monitoring the control console improve accuracy and efficiency of the ballasting work and contribute safety of the crews and ships.


    Manually operated hydraulic remote control system, HYDLE

    An innovative device which is replaced the conventional reach rod type valve. More than 20,000 units were sold since its introduction into the market. This device avoids troublesome outfitting and adjustment work. It solves the problems related to steering wheel weight or fluctuation. It reduces maintenance cost and gets good reputations from ship owners and shipbuilders.

  • Air dehumidifier
(membrane air dryer)

    Control Air Dryer (Misuzu Membrane Dryer)

    This air dryer is a CFC-free product of which features are low cost, high performance and environment-friendly. It has been installed in many ships and gets good reputations.

Marine Products (Main agency operations)

 BF Kogyo Kaisha, Ltd. (Butterfly valves)

 Heishin Ltd. (Pumps)

 HSN-Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Bilge separator, bilge alarm)

 Ibuki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Whistle navigation equipment)

 Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. (Pumps)

 Marol Co., Ltd. (Hydraulic control system)

 Matsubara Iron Works Ltd. (Compressors)

 Musasino Co., Ltd. (Level gauges)

 Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd. (Level gauges)

 Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Pumps)

 Nippon Control’s Co., Ltd. (Ultra-violet sterilizer)

 Nittan Valve Co., Ltd. (Engine valves)

 Sanwa Co., Ltd. (Compressors)

 Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. (Compressors)

 Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Main engines, auxiliary engines)


Genuine spare parts for ships

  • Engines

    IHI Power Systems Co., Ltd. (Niigata)

    Japan Engine Corporation

    The Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.

    Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Hydraulic control system / Valves

    BF Kogyo Kaisha, LTD.

    Marol Co., Ltd.

    Tomoe Valve Co., Ltd.

  • Pumps

    Heishin Ltd.

    HSN-Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. 

    Ishii Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

    Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. 

    Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Shinko Ind. Ltd.

    Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Compressors

    Matsubara Iron Works Ltd. 

    Sanwa Co., Ltd.

    Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. 

  • Inert Gas System

    Misuzu Industrial Corporation

  • Other Marine products

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